Couples Who Have Sex Once A Week Are Happiest

Has your sex life taken a hit over the last year? Many couples have experienced a decline in that department thanks to pandemic stress and uncertainty and some aren’t sure how to spark things up again. Experts suggest having sex once a week is a good place to start. Sex therapist Ian Kerner says couples who commit to having sex one time every week are more likely to have happy and fulfilling relationships - both inside the bedroom and out.

And science backs that up. According to one study, couples who do it once a week are more likely to feel satisfied in their relationship than those who have less sex. But more isn’t better in this case as the research finds that having more sex than that didn’t add to relationship satisfaction. The type of sex you’re having makes a difference as well and Kerner says there are three categories of sex - recreational, or just for fun; relational, or to feel connected to your partner; and procreative, or to make babies.

When it comes to relational sex, the kind that boosts your bond with your partner, Kerner advises committing to doing it once a week. He recommends his patients schedule a “willingness window” that’s dedicated to having fun and being intimate. It’s scheduled so you both make time for it, but there’s no pressure and it should include things you enjoy as a couple, like taking a shower together or making out. And if it leads to more, even better.

Source: Insider