Dogs With Smart Owners More Likely To Misbehave

Nobody likes a smarty-pants, and it seems folks may not like their pets either.

A new study suggests brainy people are more likely to have misbehaving dogs. As for why, it’s likely because those brainy owners aren’t paying attention to their pooches. It seems the bad behavior is because the owners are working too much, or spending too much time doing other things when they should be paying attention to their animals.

And apparently obedience training won’t necessarily stop the bad behavior. The study notes owners need to spend at least 20 minutes a day playing with their dog to turn things around.

They study actually looked at overall dog behavior and came to some interesting revelations, including:

  • 86% of dogs had at least one problematic behavior.
  • Small dogs are more likely to mount and hump than larger breeds.
  • Big dogs tend to be more aggressive, but that’s because they are more likely to be trained to protect.
  • Dogs born in the autumn and winter are more likely to have accidents indoors, likely because bad weather when they were young stopped their proper training. 

Source: Daily Mail

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