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On National Taco Day... What Are Our Taco Preferences?

Today (October 4) National Taco Day, and there’s no doubt people have distinct tastes when it comes to their favorite taco.

What’s inside the taco is very important to people, and taco lovers certainly have their opinions on proteins. The top protein preferences are:

  • Chicken (26%
  • Beef (24%)
  • Fish (17%)
  • Shrimp (10%)
  • Pork (9%)

Now some people love hard taco shells and others love soft, and apparently which one you prefer may say lot about you. According to a new survey:

Hard taco shell lovers:

  • Eat 7.3 tacos on average in a month
  • More likely to find spice “very appealing”
  • More likely to be an early riser
  • More likely to be an extrovert
  • More likely to enjoy jazz, punk, country, and classical
  • More likely to be single
  • More likely to prefer the beach
  • More likely to prefer Apple devices
  • More likely to prefer Netflix

Meanwhile, those who love soft tacos are:

  • Eat 6.9 tacos on average in a month
  • More likely to not like spice
  • More likely to be a night owl
  • More likely to be an introvert
  • More likely to enjoy TV shows/movies
  • More likely to enjoy blues
  • More likely to be in a relationship
  • More likely to prefer Samsung devices
  • More likely to prefer Amazon Prime 

Source: SWNS Digital

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