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Company Offering Father’s Day “Alibis” For Those Who Forgot To Get Gifts

Father’s Day was Sunday, and there’s a pretty safe bet a lot of people likely forgot and won’t have anything to give dad for his special day. A new Manly Man survey found that 26% of Americans have or may have forgotten at one time to get their dad a gift for Father’s Day. And another 30% have sometimes been late with that gift.

Well, now Manly Man is doing something to help those who tend to forget dad. The company, which sells “intriguing never boring gifts for men,” is ready to take the blame for your forgetfulness. They are giving fans a chance to purchase an “alibi” for their late gift.

How it works is, after buying a product from their online store, late Father’s Day shoppers can spend $1 to choose an alibi, and the company will send an email confirming the gift was actually ordered “months ago.” But that’s not all. Shoppers will also be able to choose a unique excuse for why the gift got delayed in the mail.

Here is the link to buy the alibi and more!

Excuse options include:

  • “It was intercepted by a drug sniffing dog who ate it…. so we had to make another.”
  • “Murder hornets and train derailments caused some unforeseen delays.”
  • “We gave it to the mailman (Steve), he thought it was a gift for him and ate it…. so we had to make another.”
  • “As I'm sure you've heard, there's been a lot of 'must see tv' on the last few weeks, so we're a little behind on shipping.”
  • “We spent some additional time making it 'extra manly for you' and that (of course) takes a few more days.”
  • “Turns out carrier pigeons are not as reliable as they used to be, which burned a few days before we tried using FedEx.”
  • “The record setting ice storm in the Midwest this week got in the way.
  • Adam from our shipping team was playing hide and seek with your package, and we couldn't find it for a few days.”
  • “Someone keeps pranking us by changing the dates on our calendars so everything is late now. We think it's Adam from the warehouse.”
  • “Unforeseen national shipping delays delayed it several days.”
  • “As I'm sure that you have heard, there's another ship blocking the port near your city so it's been unavoidably delayed.”

These are certainly more original than the usual excuses. According to Manly Man, most people lay blame on the following for gifts being delayed:

  • COVID (10.7%)
  • US Mail/Couriers (9.3%)
  • Undefined "global shortages" (7.9%)
  • Kids (5.9%)
  • Porch pirates (5.7%)
  • "Vendors who they bought a present from" (5.3%)

Source: Business Insider

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