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The Top Essentials Americans Accidentally Leave At Home

A lot of people have a hard time simply getting out the door each day and for many, the struggle ends up with them forgetting something at home, and for many that’s happening more than they care to admit.

A new survey finds:

  • The average person will have to return home to retrieve something they forgot about four times per month.
  • 39% of people actually leave five or more items behind every month.
  • The top items folks wind up leaving at home include:
    • Phones (31%)
    • Water bottles or drinks (28%)
    • Beauty products like deodorant, body lotion and makeup (25%)
    • Sunscreen (21%)

But folks don’t necessarily think all these items are worth returning for.

  • 30% would have no problem leaving their forgotten beauty products behind.
  • 26% would survive without their sunscreen.
  • But only 20% could manage not returning to get their phone.

Now when they realize they’ve forgotten their item plays a role in whether or not they are willing to go back.

  • Only 19% will go back if they are one street away.
  • 15% are willing to return if they’re a few streets away.
  • 14% admit they would never go back.
  • When it comes to vacation, 20% say they don’t even realize they’ve forgotten something until they open their suitcase to unpack.

Source: SWNS Digital

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