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These Are The Most Popular Social Media Sites Amongst Teens

These days it’s hard to find a teen that isn’t on social media at least a little bit, if not all the time. And while they certainly aren’t the only ones addicted to social media, which sites they go on is another story.

A new Pew Research center poll of teens 13 to 17 finds:

  • YouTube is the most popular social media site for teens, with 95% saying they use the site.
  • Quickly rising in the rankings though is TikTok, which 67% of teens say they use.
  • Facebook, which 71% of teens used between 2014 to 2015, has dropped dramatically, with only 32% of teens saying they ever use it. 

Top Social Media Platforms For Teens

(percentage of teens who say they ever use platform)

  1. YouTube (95%)
  2. TikTok (67%)
  3. Instagram (62%)
  4. Snapchat (59%)
  5. Facebook (32%)
  6. Twitter (23%)
  7. Twitch (20%)
  8. WhatsAp (17%)
  9. Reddit (14%)
  10. Tumblr (5%)

When it comes to how much teens use these sites

  • 19% of teens say they go to YouTube almost constantly.
  • 16% use TikTok almost constantly.
  • 10% use Intagram almost constantly.
  • 15% use Snapchat almost constantly.
  • Only 2% use Facebook almost constantly.
  • Overall, 54% of teens admit it would be at least somewhat hard for them to give up social media.
  • But 46% believe it would be at least somewhat easy.
  • Teen girls are more likely to admit it would be hard to give up social media compared to teen boys (58% vs. 49%).
  • Teen boys are more likely than teen girls to say it would be easy to give up (25% vs. 15%).
  • 55% of teens insist they spend about the right amount of time on social media.
  • 36% admit they spend too much time on it.
  • Only 8% spend too little time on it. 

Source: Pew Research

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