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This Is How Much Your Info Is Worth On The Dark Web

Identity theft is a real problem these days, with cyber criminals stealing information to sell on the Dark Web, and apparently they are getting good money for even the slightest bit of info.

A new report by the website Privacy Affairs looked at hundreds of pieces of data being sold on the Dark Web to determine just how much a person’s info is worth and the results may be surprising.

According to the site, a person’s personal information is worth about $1,010.

As for what things are selling for, they include:

  • Stolen online banking logins, as little as $50.
  • Credit card details and associated information, between $17-$120.
  • Online banking login information, $65.
  • Hacked Facebook account, $45.
  • Cloned VISA with PIN, $20.
  • Stolen PayPal account details, minimum $1000 balances: $20.
  • Hacked web and entertainment services, like Uber and Netflix can go for up to $40.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to stolen accounts.

  • The site notes that for less than $250, cryptocurrency account info can be stolen.
  • Overall, the report finds that there are over 9,000 accounts selling fake IDs and credit cards.
  • What’s more, more credit card data, personal information and documents were sold this year compared to last year.
  • Last month, the site noted 4.5 million credit cards up for sale. 

Source: Yahoo Finance

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