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Three Quarters Of Us Get “Hangry” Five Times A Week

It’s no secret that most people get irritable when they are hungry. It’s so common that someone coined the phrase “hangry” to explain it. Well, it turns out, a lot of us are getting hangry way too often, and would be willing to do anything to stop it from happening.

A new Farm Rich survey finds:

  • 75% of Americans admit to getting hangry five times a week.
  • Such hunger leads to 21,000 hangry outbursts over the course of their lifetime.
  • The most common symptoms of hanger include anger, grumpiness, impatience and fatigue.
  • So, why are people letting themselves get so hungry? Common reasons for hunger-related anger include:
    • Mealtime delays (44%)
    • Busy work schedule (37%)
    • Not knowing what too cook (32%)
    • Not having time to shop for groceries (29%) 

In order to avoid being hangry:

  • 58% of people will eat their least favorite food.
  • 39% of parents will eat their kids’ snacks.
  • 28% will even admit to eating thrown out food from the top of the garbage can.
  • 27% have even eaten expired food.
  • 27% admit to eating someone else’s food from the office or shared kitchen. 

And some folks are willing to do almost anything to avoid being hangry, including:

  • Give up social media for a month (32%)
  • Eat only my favorite food for a month (30%)
  • Get a tattoo of my favorite food item (26%)
  • Run 5 miles (26%)
  • Change my name to my favorite snack (25%)
  • Wear the same clothes for a week (16%)
  • Not watch my favorite sports team for a whole season (12%)

Source: Farm Rich

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